Anyone Else Sick of the Westboro Baptist Hate Group?

Members of Westboro Baptist Church have been s...

Members of Westboro Baptist Church have been specifically banned from entering Canada for hate speech. Church members enter Canada, aiming to picket bus victim’s funeral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s see, we all know their utter hatred for any and all things outside of their own micro bubble–like the military, homosexuals, and anyone they feel truly entitled to cast the first stone at in the sin department.

Given their activity, I am starting to think that the Supreme Court needs to be investigated and given psychiatric evaluations for ruling that their hate speech is protected speech.  I truly question their competency to be fit for the bench in light of this. Anyone else would have been under federal investigation by now and CPS would be involved with as to how they are raising the children–and their speech would definitely NOT be protected..

I’m sick of this lot  and their self-righteous Pharisee like attitude.  They are no better than the bullies I actively crusade against and what makes my blood boil the most is that the government actually protects this homo-phobic, racist  ilk.  Yes they are racists! I’ve no seen one person of anything beside Caucasian descent in their pictures and videos.

I have a wonderful idea, and I’m sure it will go over like a lead balloon.  Why not drop them down in the middle of Syria or Iran and see how brave they are then?

Appropriate for this bunch of looneys...

Appropriate for this bunch of looneys…

The true face of emotional child abuse/neglect...I wouldn't be surprised if we and up having another "Waco" over this lot...

The true faces of emotional child abuse/neglect…I wouldn’t be surprised if we and up having another “Waco” over this lot…


This does not make sense…

I wrote post sometime ago about leadership. A lot as happened since then but I never thought that I would be put into a situation where I had to lead a crew that is still grieving the loss of one of their own.

One of my employees was gunned down at her home along with her boyfriend. Things like this don’t happen in a small town.

In small towns, we’re supposed to have white picket fences, be able to leave doors unlocked, and have a sense of security when our kids are outside playing knowing that our own neighborhood watch will be keeping things safe… At least the way it was when I was a kid.

However, even though this place soon to put me back to a time that once existed, the illusion was rapidly shattered on August 22, 2016.

When the shots rang out, they didn’t just take peoples lives, they stripped this town of it sense of security. No one feels safe anymore. And even worse, it came out that the person who did it might not have been able to carry this out had he received the help that was necessary.

It could have been one of us. He came to the store looking for her but she wasn’t there. As it turned out for whatever reason, a family member of his gave him his guns. He was already known to be mentally ill, so why would anyone with any common sense let him near a gun?

Please don’t take this the wrong way people… I am not a gun control freak. I don’t mind people owning guns, but I do have a problem when someone knowingly helps someone who is mentally ill obtain one. 

To make matters even worse, the shooter was obsessed with my employee. That person knew this shooter was a former veteran whose family was trying to get him mental help at the time.

You know, we have a dram law that is designed to protect us from people who serve drinks the people who are already drunk… Why would someone known to have mental issues that are documented be allowed to keep their guns once it is? There is no one person to blame in this. However I think the VA should be held accountable being that he was a veteran and needed help.

The sad thing is, it took three people dying to get anyone to see that.  Do you think the VA is saying, “Gee maybe we should’ve listened?” I doubt it. I seriously doubt it. Rant over. 

I’m No Fan of the Media

I will make this short and not-so-sweet.

It’s funny how when a celebrity dies, the media thinks it’s everyone’s business how the estate gets divided up. It does not matter how the math works out in one’s head because it is nobody’s damned business.

Duncan Jones’s mother left him with David Bowie long before Iman came into the picture. He provided for his education and such. That was well before his sister was born. If you figure that in, it pans out in the end. However the three of them just lost what no amount of money can replace–a husband, father and friend.

That being said, it is not the public’s business where the estate ends up, and the media along with the armchair experts should shut their collective pie-hole.

That is all I will say on that subject.

As She Lay Dying

Does it sound poetic? Well it isn’t. I’m in a house that I spent a few years of my life in while waiting for the most important person in my life to begin the next leg of her journey.  Soon the memories of my precious mother will overcome me and my family along with a river of tears.

However, as we come face to face with the fact that the four of us will now be orphaned,  this leg of the journey brings an end to her suffering.

I am sitting here listening to the old time gospel music I grew up on recorded by Grand Ol Opry greats…Yes, rockers always go back to their roots. My roots are deeply carved. into every bit of soil and through every river and creek my ancestors swam in and fished from around here.

There is an undeniable fact I will share here. God is real. The journey never ends. We merely are changed. I believe when my mother leaves us, she will be with my Granny and a lot of relatives who left before her. Even now I believe that she sees them or hears them waiting.

I don’t care what others believe, but I know from personal experience that God is not a figment of the imagination. God s the reason I have a love for nature and the a deep respect for the fury it gives us from time to time. God is also the reason I don’t fear what is to come. He is also the reason I can love and forgive others.

My mother’s journey on this orb we call Earth is about to end. I am grateful that God blessed me with her for 53 years. I will carry her forever in my heart, and will do my best to be there for my sons, for one day they will be in the position I am now in.

It is my hope that they will stand together strong and in brotherly love when faced with loss of a parent.










Another Day in My Life: First post of 2016

In the last four days I’ve come face to face with the reality that I will be an orphan. The word “orphan” is usually associated with a child who was given up by parents or both parents are deceased. Well, the inner child dwelling within me will fall into the latter category one day…

My sister and I respect our mother, and as we were taught, we will respect her wishes.  We have placed her into in-home hospice. Over and over she has let it be known that she wants to die in her own bed, and being that this woman is the most important person in my life at the moment, what she wants is all that matters. This is how 2016 began for my family.

As opposed to when I lost my dad or a grandparent, the emotions here are different. Mom has good days and bad days. Given that she has days where she is lucid and is the woman I knew, there are days when she is not. During the latter, the dementia can totally transform the people we know and love into an alien life form, barely recognizable…

Those are the days that are difficult but I am going to hang onto every lucid moment that I can get. The nurses and workers who are in the trenches every day with this should be commended. Thank you, Ms. Colorado for your monologue on nursing. People need to watch it.   The nurses that took care of my mom at Hendrick Medical Center treated my mother with dignity and respect. She hasn’t been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s but she does have some dementia.

The nurses are more than nurses. The aides are more than aides. They also helped me to cope. They also bore the brunt of the difficult moments. For that I am grateful. Anyone who wants to make a detracting, snarky statement should come talk to me.  Joy Behar,  in particular should take note. If she wants to continue in her snarky commentary due to her lack of education and/or common sense, she should be job hunting because journalism is clearly not her forte.

When dealing with sensitive subject matter, if someone is going to editorialize and not report the facts of a matter, they should remain silent rather than reveal themselves for the incompetent writers that they are. Entertainment at the expense of the elderly, the vets, the nurses, doctors and aides is not entertainment. It is an insult and this viewer will not watch any show that allows its writers and/or hosts to engage in such detracting garbage.

Why? Because my mother is the most important person in my world at this moment, as is every other person who suffers from such things. If writers cannot comprehend that we should be responsible adults when dealing with these subjects, then it is time to back away from the pen and the keyboard.



Some Days I Want to See Them All Fired!

Am I talking about the government? No. Not per se, although I have days where I think we should do as the Italians did some years back and make a complete overhaul…

The people of this country of suffer because both sides play the people against one another just like one parent pits children against the other parent in a divorce. It’s pathetic, disgusting and needs to stop!

First, there is Donald Trump who is wanting to register every Muslim which is no different than the mayor of Houston wanting every preacher to register their sermons with her. We got these nuts in both parties and it’s time to address it. We need to stop letting them divide us against each other.

More importantly they need to read the constitution. Both parties seem to be very illiterate when it comes to that document. One of the leaders in Congress thinks it’s 400 years old. Maybe they should all have to pass a literacy test in order to be in politics. At least then they can prove that they’re able to do the job…

One can’t lead the nation without knowing the history of it. And I see a huge lack of knowledge among today’s politicians, and it’s not just limited to one party. The problem lies in  both major parties…

RIP Buddy

I have come to accept that he’s not coming back. He disappeared over a week ago from inside Brian’s fenced yard. The pound doesn’t have him. No one has seen him. He’s been a part of our lives for almost 16 years and we miss him terribly. I don’t see how he could be alive unless someone took him in, but that is wishful thinking. I choose to grieve his loss. I see no hope of him returning. RIP Buddy (1999-2015)…We love you.