Okay…Here is the low down on BBL!

I started Brazil Butt Lift today. I only have this to say! I still do Insanity and love it. I needed lower body work. BADLY, I might add…IF anyone thinks BBL is easy, I dare to say that one either hasn’t tried it, or simply has a loose screw somewhere! It’s loaded! Funny in spots while learning it, and works that butt off! No pun intended. I’m sweating as much now as with Insanity!

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Texas is a good place to consider if moving…Check it out!

How many of you loved that Superbowl commercial with the Darth Vader kid?  I certainly did!  What blew my mind was when they revealed the kid’s face!  He looks like my youngest son did when he was that age!  I’ll get a pic of my boy, Kevin, to prove it eventually on here, but his older brother was quite amazed!   Check this out!

I’m not kidding when I say this kid looks exactly like my youngest son did at that age!

Kevin also has (and always had)  a grin that is infectious!  When he was two, he went trick or treating as “The Joker” off of Batman!  He never was a very good fibber when he was  a kid either, because ever time he lied, he grinned from ear to ear!  I raised my sons in TX.  None of us have a TX accent.  This  amazes those who meet us for the first time! If you want the drawl, you need to meet my mother!  If I’m around her for a week, THEN I have it for a bit!

I have a picture of Kevin taken when he was about 10.  We were in Kerrville, TX walking along the river on the same land my great-grandfather once owned.  In the middle of the river, there is this gigantic, hollowed out tree!  He stood inside of it and I took a picture!  I want to go back this year and get another one of him in it now that it has been over 10 years!  I think it would be neat!
To anyone who is visiting Texas, I strongly recommend checking out the following places:  Kerrville, Fredricksburg, Mustang Island (if you’re a beach lover), Galveston and Port Isabel.  Aransas Pass is also great when the Annual Shrimp Festival is going on too!  I loved Corpus Christi! There is a lot to do there!  However, if looking to move elsewhere from where you are now, I recommend Marble Falls, San Saba and anywhere in the Kerrville area.  These are simply beautiful areas to live in. San Saba does not have the same amenities that Marble Falls and Kerrville do, but it is a quiet  place most of the time.  IF you hang around San Saba, you might come across actor Tommy Lee Jones as well since he owns a ranch there.   There are a few celebs who live in the Marble Falls area and in Corpus Christi also.  Given the choice, I’d go to Marble Falls.  It’s far enough away from the hurricane alley for me, but I am not opposed to checking Port Isabel out!   Here is an aerial map of it, and if you go across the Queen Isabella Highway, you are on S. Padre Island!  Just make sure that if you find any Spanish doubloons and don’t want to part with them, hide them.  Sorry TX, but I think that if they are on the beach, they are fair game.  I believe that if I were to find one or two of them, there is no harm in having them for souvenirs.  Yeah, I know, they say you’re supposed to “turn them in” but how many people do you think REALLY do that?  C’mon! Get a grip!  
Now if you decided to check out the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) area, I do not recommend living there.  It’s high crime rate makes me skiddish.  Wautaga, Euless, Grand Prarie, Granbury are okay…If going to live in that particular part of the country, I feel that the areas around Weatherford are ideal.  They are close enough to DFW that you can enjoy the nightlife, and there are plenty of places to get shopping done in Weatherford so you don’t end up fighting in traffic from Hell!  Austin is wonderful too, but I hate the traffic jams and I hate the ones in Houston even more.  It took me 3 hours to go a mile and a half back to my hotel when I went to see the Goo Goo Dolls at the Woodlands in 1998.   Since I don’t deal with traffic too well, I would go into the suburbs if I were going to live there!  Houston’s crime rate is rather high also.  I am of the understanding that Galveston doesn’t have an abominable crime rate and that is why I would consider it. 
A word for those of you who are worried about the cost of living: TEXAS has a low-cost of living and the real estate is a hell of a lot cheaper than in CA, NY and Hawaii. Texas also has NO personal income tax and NO sales tax of groceries (food items) purchased at the market.   That is why a lot of celebrities choose to live here.  Besides the people are friendly and they love adopting the incoming “expats”!  They don’t care who you are, this place is the last “true” melting pot in the nation.  It is also cheaper to use production companies from here than in most places if you are trying to get productions staged. If you are a musician–there are plenty of reasonably priced venues to accommodate you.  There are also music labels that are independent here and you might have an easier time getting marketed.  I am not in the business because I have another path going on in my life.  I am good at finding “stuff” if you need a gopher though!  I am more than willing to “gopher this’ and “gopher that” when I have time! I enjoy that!  It may be a useless talent to some, but I view it as an opportunity to learn! 
Here is a link to the aerial map of Port Isabel:
Here is the one for Kerrville, too!

I am the one that got away…

For those of you who have read my blog before (Kadja2), you know that there is one person I refer to as “my favorite mistake”.  He was a co-worker in a prison and needless to say, I learned that it is imperative to never get your honey where you make your money.   When people come at you and try to lure you into their prisons that they build for themselves, there are warning signals.  When a person won’t take you to meet their family, that’s warning sign number one.   When they never seem to be there for you when you need them the most, that’s warning sign number two. 

I escaped from the prison he was planning to keep me in.  I decided to move on with my life over 18 months ago.  He’s tried to call, but I don’t return the calls and I don’t answer the text messages.  When I get to where I am going I plan to change my phone number and only give it to close friends and family, like I did before.  I can truly say that I am free of him.

I closed my eyes today (per someone else’s suggestion) and imagined that he pulled into my driveway.  I then imagined that although he tried to get my attention and such, I never heard him.  A tow truck came and got his vehicle, as he chased behind it.  There were oil stains and such  out there so as he disappeared, I threw cat litter on them and cleaned it up.  The driveway was clean and he chased his truck into infinity because I never saw him again.

I like to come home in the evening, write and read a book, drink my mexican hot chocolate and then dream of seeing other places.  I long to go to Peru or somewhere to volunteer for a few months, but I need to get some things taken care of first.  I’ve thought of Costa Rica too!  I have a life to live and I plan to enjoy it.  I am alone, but  not really  lonely.  I admit that it would be nice to have that soul that I can say is home to my own, but I don’t know if it will happen or when and I am not going to worry about it. I don’t raise the bar too high either.  I have always accepted people as they are.

I was married twice to men in the military. I have no problem with being apart if we have to be, but I do have a problem with a person who doesn’t trust me when he would be away.  When a man gets jealous when he cannot be with me, it sends up a red flag because I learned one hard lesson from my upbringing.  Southerners say this often: “The hen that cackles the loudest is the one laying the egg.”   I got  married at 19, a mom on my 20th birthday.  Three months later, soldier #1 left me for a 19-year-old in Colorado.  The link below accurately describes the situation rather well.  I know I use music links a lot, but my life connects with music–all kinds of music.  I can listen to any genre accept OPERA.  Don’t ask why but most opera music gets to me. If I watch it on TV and mute it with subtitles, I like that because then I can tell what the bloody story is.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_mwbCw4utI     (Terri Clark)

The song above “She Didn’t Have Time” by Terri Clark sums up what I went through when ex #1 ran off.  

The program you are looking at above, Insanity by Shaun T., saved my sanity…Funny that Insanity IS what it is called.  I’ve got the deluxe set.  My next goal is to get Brazil Butt Lift and go back to doing 2 a days.  If you want to know more about it, friend me on Facebook and email me!  I lost 30 lbs and dropped down from a size 18 to a 14 in FORTY days!  It is tough, it is intense and you won’t regret it but if you have back and knee problems, you’ll want to do something lighter, like Chalean Extreme.  Turbo Jam is cool and so is Hip Hop Abs…It took purging my memories of my exes and making room for this to improve my self-esteem.

I also recommend finding a “sacred” place to go to.  This will be YOUR place.  This is where you go to reflect, pray, cry or whatever you do to get in touch with what some call “your higher self”.  I talk to God…Simple as that.  Meditate however you wish, but I’d rather talk with God, the Great Spirit or whatever.  I am part Comanche so I have to be among nature to really feel alive.  This cold weather gets to me.  It also reminds me of when I had to get away from the 2nd ex.  I caught him with a baby sitter.  I should have left right afterward, but DUMMY me tried forgiving.  It didn’t work.  He kept trying to get around other women.  Once the trust was gone, and I heard him tell my best friend “Oh I never really loved her.” that killed what was left of our marriage.

I  love this image below…It could be because I am part Comanche, but there is just something so peaceful about it.  I found that the Comanches typically made their raids for captive, horses and such during a full moon.  I love being out under a full moon, but it is to bask in the beauty of its light.  I have always loved being under the light of a full moon–especially when I am at a beach or by a river.  I love watching its rays dance across the waves, and the feel of a gentle Spring or Summer breeze…I feel totally loved in those moments-and at peace with all that is around me.  Some day I would love to go out on a moonlit beach in Costa Rica or something…It really doesn’t matter where in the world I am at,  as long as I can get to my sacred place…May you find yours as well, wherever you might be…

I also have jewelry made for myself by a very talented artist when I have money.  I spent a lot of time and money helping others, but neglected me. That time is now past.  It is my time.  I kicked the last cell door down on my life and am going to live it.  I am taking an ESL course as well.  It will open up more doors for me and I am ready for that. 

If you are ready to make a change in your life, the time is now.  One cannot let yesterday throw up pictures in their faces because it is gone–over with–and dead.  The future is another item we have no control over.  Why worry over that which is already done and that which we are uncertain about?  It makes no bloody sense whatsoever!  I have right here, in this moment, peace.  I will live as I will.  If anyone has a problem with that, all I have to say is, “Have a nice day”!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCg2BoKiuOM      (Bon Jovi)

Nothing like a Bon Jovi number to get off to a great Saturday Night! I am glad I got away from those emotional prisons, because living a lie is the worst type of vacuüm one can ever let themselves get sucked into!