It is Now Official! Mother Nature is on CRACK! Texas Needs RAIN!!!

This is going to be a short and to the point post.  Why is it that TX is having the worst drought it has experienced since 1917?  I’ll tell you why! MOTHER NATURE IS ON CRACK! That’s why!  This is NOT how an afternoon sun should look!

Would you really like to  know what this is guys? It is smoke! That’s right! It’s smoke from a wildfire burning in the Forsan, TX area.  That is 13 miles from where I’m at.  On top of this the flu is seriously kicking my butt!    I have also notified the TX Forest Service of Mother Nature‘s chronic problem on their Facebook page

The next pic I’m going to put up SHOULD reveal a clear view of the hospital and the mountain I love to walk on about a mile and a half away from my house.  Due to the smoke, it looks like it’s 20 miles off or so!

You cannot even tell the mountain and the hospital are actually closer! They look like they are miles away!

 Here is yet another view…


It looks totally overcast huh?  What looks like a mountain or hill in the horizon should actually be a clear view of steep hill with the highway cutting through it.  However, until this state gets some much-needed rain, this is likely to continue.  Please keep us in your thoughts down here in Texas!  Thanks!

By the way, if you are travelling, you might want to keep the # for the Department of Public Safety handy.  You never know when you’ll need it… 😉

2 comments on “It is Now Official! Mother Nature is on CRACK! Texas Needs RAIN!!!

  1. hmm. it’s not that mother nature is on crack. we’ve been abusing planet earth for far too long. i don’t mean to sound like some kind of environmentalist but really… what did we expect when we poured our gasses and pollutants into the ocean and skies.

    • Then by all means, please explain why the same things have happened prior to the Industrial Revolution? I have yet to get that question answered. It definitely cannot explain the Ice Age or any other thing that has significantly altered the planet prior to that…No one in either camp will answer the question so it leaves me with no other alternative than to assume that someone is using these phenomenons to scam the public in some fashion since the 1970’s. I am not saying that the environment should not be better taken care of AND cleaned up because it does affect the people directly, but what I am saying is that this theory doesn’t explain away things that have happened to the planet since well before the 20th Century…Everyone wants to blame something or someone for something, but in this case, it has been going on for HUNDREDS and thousands of years. Thank you for responding, though.

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