A Friend to the End…

This is a story that will make a dog lover cry.  Dogs have feelings and souls.  Often they are the most loyal of companions.  They love us even when we get cranky and often protect us as if they are themselves angelic.  I was deeply touched by the story I read on the link below and the photo of the dog, Hawkeye.  Hawkeye is a black labrador retriever who walked up to the casket of his owner, a fallen Navy Seal named Jon Tumilson of San Diego, CA.  He walked up the aisle to the casket and laid down after a heavy sigh as 1500 mourners watched.

There is no other bond like that of a dog and his or her master, and the mourners followed Hawkeye as he walked up the aisle to the casket.  While this dog will be cared for by a good friend, I want to take the time to remind people that many Native Americans refer to people as “dog people” for a reason.  They also call birds “bird people” at times, etc…  Nobody will ever convince me that these animals have no feelings, emotions or souls.  I was faced with a decision about my 13-year-old dog named Buddy earlier this year.   He had contracted heart worms.  He is better now.  They went ahead and gave him one more set of shots today and will do blood work in two weeks to make sure they are ALL gone.  They are HARD to get rid of.  People, take care of your pets–one mosquito bite is all it takes to make your dog very ill.

However when I say this dog is a family member, I mean it. I would sleep in my car before giving Buddy up and now my whole family is aware of this fact.  He is a very intelligent and well-behaved animal. I look into those eyes and see just how much trust and love he has for us in them and that is what matters the most.  I am sure that Hawkeye had that type of bond with his master too. I also watch Buddy around other people.  I know who to steer clear from as he has a keen sense of who is a decent person and who is not.

I also know that my bond with this dog is such that when he does pass over, I will not have another dog.  No other animal can replace this one in my life.   He loves taking walks with me and spending quality time with us all.   He even sits and watches TV with us and such.  What is funny is when he tries to carry a conversation.  I’ll tape that and put it on YouTube!   At the end of a day, he is always sleeping beside my bed, too.


I hope this story in the link touches your heart as it did mine.

6 comments on “A Friend to the End…

  1. Sad but good stuff buddy is a sweet dog he’ll get in my Lap almost n I’ll scratch n he’ll want to go to his lower back n what not. I love that dog! He actually likes me n trusts me n will let me pet him n what not n from what I see he seems to like it! The dog with his owner thing was sAd. Dogs r loyal n ur true best friends a dog would rather please his owner than another dog. N dogs have feelings their animals.marley and me I cried I couldn’t last That long when the family were watching a video n having flashbacks n my dog skip. I rarely cry but when it comes to movies like That. I try watching it then the sad song comes on n think something bad is gonna happen n u try to tough it out n not cry then u cry a little n try to stop then u realize u cant handle it n u go to the restroom n cry in there that’s what I did but before I got up quietly n I was crying hard n long so I got up n left n I was crying where it almost got loud. I’m very tinderhearted at times.

    • You know it’s funny but the boys laugh at me because I cannot watch movies that depict animal cruelty OR child abuse. I can write stuff that makes the hair stand on end, but as long as I don’t see it depicted, I can deal with that. I just can’t…I saw a movie one time that depicted some pretty graphic stuff and had to shut my eyes. I watched “Precious” today. I felt heartsick after seeing it. Thank you for your response though. I view Buddy as I would a family member…

  2. There is an Australian new release called Red Dog about an Australian Cattle Dog and his adventures across Australia. I went expecting to see a feel god dog lovers movie with my children, but after watching this dog spend the rest of his life searching for his master by hitchhiking through the outback, jumping on buses, and walking along highways, and left so emotional and teary-eyed and convinced that when it comes to dogs, I am a blabbering fool. There is indeed a special bond between canines and humans that every day blows my mind.

    • I fully agree. I don’t know if you ever saw the shyhound.com blog or not, but I love reading that too. My dog is the best indicator to me of who I should and should not allow around me, that’s for sure. I’m interested in the one you told me about now! I’ll watch amazon.com for it.

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