HOW to get rid of the irate phone caller after your kid dials the wrong number! It worked for me…

Once in a while when my kids were younger, they would dial a wrong number and instead of apologizing to the person and such, they would hang up the phone.  This went on until each of my three boys were about 11 or so.  Well, one day, my boy Brian came in and said, “Mom, I’m calling Riley and going to Jennifer’s house!”  I said okay because I knew he finished his homework.  I didn’t hear anything because I was washing dishes in the kitchen with my back turned to the living room (where he was at).

About five minutes later, the phone rings and Brian had already left…I go to the phone.  The number was local and there was a name on it so I answered it.  This is how the rest of it went…

“How dare you call my husbands number you f***ing b***h~!? I could kick your ass!” etc…etc…etc…

I let her go on until she ran out of hot air…Here is how I answered her…

“Oh…I”m sorry ma’am…You have it all wrong.  You see, I saw you in Wal~Mart on aisle 7 the other night and I thought that you just had the cutest ass I ever saw–”

***CLICK*** went her phone and I NEVER heard from her again.

There is a moral to this story…There are times when a little wit goes a LONG way, but if you are a man and try to pull this, neither myself  nor anyone at will be responsible for any medical expenses you may incur because you have not figured out that what works for the women doesn’t always work for men–like Secret anti-perspirant…Know what I mean?

Now the song “Telephone Man” is playing in my head…Remember THAT one?

***DISCLAIMER:  Nobody at (admin or otherwise) has anything to do with this post! This is just me having a little fun using a bit of wit!***

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