Nanahood Revisited…

This is my son Kevin–in one of his quieter moments!

We are about to watch the month of May 2012 flow gracefully (or not so gracefully) into History.  There has been some much-needed rain out here and I hope we get more, but here is what is going down.

I am moving into a new house.  My son Kevin and his girlfriend Daphne are moving into a bigger house since the baby will be here before we know it.  My son, since he can’t work has stayed up at night playing video games–which can be quite entertaining if someone ever gag tapes him and puts that on YouTube in order to teach him a lesson or two!

If anyone wants to see that boy pop a gasket, just wait for some idiot with a Nazi flag to show up in the game and he will emit a list of vernacular phrases so long that it will make some of the drill sergeants I’ve seen look like choir boys! All I can say is that I sincerely hope that the baby doesn’t get kicked out of day care by the time he’s 18 months old due to the broad vocabulary he might hear from my son after his birth because if that happens, Daphne will kill Kevin!

For now it’s almost funny but the more I think on it–I seriously hope Kevin calms down when he’s gaming for the sake of the baby! I told Daphne to look at the bright side of things. If he’s already going to be up at night–then he can help take care of the baby…However changing a diaper might pose a problem since he suffers from Game Controller Hand Lock Syndrome!  He won’t be able to release the game controller!  In fact, if Daphne has to kill him it may have to pried from his cold, dead hands!  😉

Deep down though,  I hope that I can be half the grandmother figure in my grandson’s  life that my Grannie Ainsworth was in mine.  Barring my cooking skills, or should I say the lack thereof, I think that my cookies will past muster with the little guy when he’s older. However, I’ll never be able to make tea cakes like she did…Kevin and I were discussing this over Mother’s Day dinner.  He can definitely cook, so he did not get that skill  from yours truly, that’s for sure!  He might have gotten that knack from Grannie! That gives me hope that my grandson will inherit that same gift and thus be able to survive!   Anyway, have a great week!

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