Just a Few Thoughts from the Nanahood…RE: The Service Industry

As a mother and a grandmother, the future of this country and the people in it are of concern to me.  Is  this going to be about the upcoming election? NO.  I’m tired of hearing about that myself. I just have a question someone proposed to me that caused me to do some really deep thinking.

We saw all the “Occupy” stuff going on.  We saw all the frustration coming from all walks of life with regard to economics around here. I have to know one thing…HOW is it that in this country called America are there still waitresses only getting paid $2-2.25 an hour in some states and maids in hotels only getting $2.00-2.50 per room they clean?  That is serfdom people.  This is the same pay they got in the ’70’s.  It’s ridiculous  AND their tips are taxed.  Why are tips taxed? What is the point?  They were TAXED before they were given in the first place.  To me the government is double-dipping and it is holding people back from earning a decent living. THANK you Billy Reyna for pointing this out.

These pay levels are NOT a living wage. Why are multimillion dollar corporations like IHOP and Motel 6 getting away with paying like this?  Do you realize what this means?  Many families living on these wages are also getting state aid in the form of food stamps and such because NOBODY can live on it.  ON a good night in this town, a waitress is lucky to bring home $15 a night in tips.  For 8 hours of work, that is scandalous–even if you figure in the $2 + change pay scale.  This actually means that by paying a tip, you’re subsidizing the wages they SHOULD be getting.  A vast number of people  in the service industry certainly don’t all work in high-end establishments.

Can anyone on here live on the federal minimum wage alone? Hell no!  What makes these corporations think these people can live on $2 + tips only to have what little they make taxed all over again?   I think legislation should be passed so that these people do NOT have to share their tips with each other either, and they should at LEAST be paid minimum wage.  There were many times I had to wait on 2-3 stations where the person training me sat on their fanny and watched–yet I had to split the money I EARNED with them.  That’s not right. In fact, it should be illegal. YOU DO NOT see this happening ANYWHERE but in the service industry.

This country also needs to quit giving large tax breaks for moving the jobs overseas.  This country definitely needs to start taking care of its own given what I’ve seen lately. In fact a good incentive for them to keep jobs here would be to require them all to pay the workers OVERSEAS the same wages, give the same benefits and paid training they’d have to give to workers in the United States. That would stop a lot of this mess.

Americans deserve a higher standard of living–and the government has failed to protect the taxpayers by NOT addressing the pay issues within the service industry.  It is time to fix this mess and do the right thing. Well, I’m through with my venting for the evening. Gonna get some zzz’s now.  Have a great night!

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