Peace, Art, Anime and Harmony–Some Thoughts from Nana

I want to share with you something I find to be amazing, but first I want to state WHY I think it is amazing. First, disregard the politics because in the art world, at least in my opinion, our political issues should be set aside. We must all live together and work together–and no people should be held responsible for things done by their governing bodies with which one may or may not agree because that is not fair to the artists, the dreamers, the musicians or the actors and actresses in those countries…They also have a profound respect for artists in other countries as well, so that kindness should be reciprocated. Maybe in the world of art and entertainment, we can one day build a bridge that will make the leaders realize that the arts are vital because of what they can bring–a thing called “Harmony”.

Watch this scene from the 2004 version of “The Alamo“…Two sides in conflict are preparing for a last battle. Granted this was dramatic license taken by the writers, but it makes a valid point. There can be harmony with the rest of the world, even if we cannot always find it within our own borders. The lesson to be learned is the very last line that Billy Bob Thornton delivers in this scene–despite the fact that it was foreshadowing certain doom…Once you see this scene, please pause and think for a minute afterward.

I have thought long and hard about this issue. I want my grandson to know a peaceful world, where people can exchange ideas and work side by side to make this planet we live on a better place in the future.  I am hoping that by the time he is in school, the political climate we are now experiencing  in this country will have improved.  I feel that one way to achieve this is to open our hearts to our fellow artists around the world.  Have a great night all! And please enjoy the link to the page below–especially if you like anime…China has some very talented artists, that’s for sure.

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