I Should Title this “How to Look STUPID on Facebook”…

This is merely a FYI post, but it needs to be put out there.  HOW many of you get unfriended when somebody’s post shows up on YOUR wall and the original poster gets PO’d that you respond?  Well here is why that happens.  The original poster, the OP-as I will  label him/her doesn’t even realize how to use Facebook properly.  He/she will post something not realizing that it goes to all of their friends walls 9 times out of 10 and then get angry over differences of opinion. Many of them make themselves look totally stupid when they attack others who respond too.

When posting there is a little drop-down arrow next to the blue “post” button.  It says “public”, “friends”, “friends except acquaintances, etc…That is how one makes sure the post reaches the intended recipients–otherwise it goes public and people assume the topic is up for debate.  Once in a while when one responds, one might  get responses like: “Don’t come to my wall telling me how to…” blah blah blah…You get it.  If you know someone who is doing this, please share this blog entry. It might keep that person from looking like a total moron.  If a post from someone else shows up on YOUR wall, then it IS public and up for discussion.  If they didn’t want it that way, they should have paid attention to that feature.

Another good idea is putting friends in certain categories such as “co-workers”, family, acquaintances, etc…when adding them. That way one can target only to those people they want to share thoughts with.

Many times these posts tend to be political as well.  I’ve had to tell people to knock off their attacks at each other on my wall more than once and then I shared this info.  I see a lot less BS on my wall now as a result, so if you’re having to endure this crap, feel free to share the link to this blog entry.

Above all, don’t fret if you get unfriended over such bull. People like that aren’t true friends anyway! Have  a great weekend~!

And don’t fret if you get unfriended on Facebook over a difference of opinion. If people only want people on their friends list who think like they do, before long they’ll be talking to themselves in the mirror.  They don’t tend to keep friends very long either because they are more interested in controlling others and hearing themselves talk than they are in open discourse.



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