Look It is SUMMER and this SHOULD be addressed…

Why isn’t anyone in the media doing a segment on barbecue grill safety?  Did you know kids can get killed if one falls over on them?  How is one to make the backyard safe when doing these activities short of standing by the grill every second?  The reason I am asking these questions is that a few years ago in my home town, 2 kids were killed when one fell on them–and it was IN USE and the kids were just running by or something when it fell on them.

In this story, the grill was NOT in use:  http://houston.cbslocal.com/2012/04/16/texas-boy-dies-after-being-hit-with-200-pound-grill/

Would chaining these grills to a fixed object help?  Firefighters and health professionals, what would you suggest?  Feel free to comment here.

This stuff really bothers me when I read about it.  ***Special thanks to Kate Higgins for inspiring this***.  She was hurt in a grill accident, but she’s fine.  No kids were hurt in that one.

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