Slightly Irritated…And It is with the Doctors…

Aside from feeling extreme fatigue and pain from time to time, at odds with anyone who starts talking about taking body parts saying that, “We might as well remove them. You don’t need them.”  Well for one, I am not going through menopause yet since someone FINALLY bothered to do a blood test. Yet the hysterectomy is a routine thing doctors like to do first prior to finding and dealing with the real cause of the bleeding.

Not on me they won’t. If they can’t find out where my body sprung a leak from, they aren’t cutting on me and that is the end of that.

I may have to live with anemia–and according to my mom, I had this as a CHILD.  If they didn’t see fit to use me for a guinea pig prior to puberty then they certainly don’t need to cut out all of my reproductive organs now.

I’ve had no tests to that end or anything, yet that is the very first thing the doctor proposed doing when my age came up. To me, that is bull crap. Hysterectomies should be a LAST resort–not a first step in god knows how many things.

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