Plans to Address Bullying: What Parents Should Consider and Why…

As I have said previously, bullying begins on the rehearsal stage. That is in the American system of Public Education. It’s free, right? Therefore if we get what we are paying for, why are the students being short-changed? It is easy to blame the parents, but it is not always the parents. Certain things have caused our education system to deteriorate. These things do not need to be overturned, but they need to be overhauled to address severe behaviors that disrupt learning in the classroom. The “No Child Left Behind Act” was actually well-intended, but it fell short and more children are actually getting left behind. 

We are paying taxes to educate our children. We are not paying these educators to be social engineers. We are not paying them to be correctional officers or matrons. However the educational system has begun to show some of the characteristics of some of America’s correctional facilities, which I will cover in my second installment.

The administrators, as well as the teachers, have begun to spend more time trying to redirect bad behavior than they have teaching. Many administrators have taken to training teachers to do paperwork that is THEIR job to do because the response to any situation can involve too much for them to deal with on top of their own duties. However the fecal matter is trickling down to the teachers and they are getting the blame. This must be corrected.

Schools must have a clear-cut discipline plan. NOT a behavior modification plan because that is not being addressed here–DISCIPLINE with a capital “D”.  The reason for this is that many students are now coming from households who either have family members incarcerated, and/or there are abusive and/or violent behaviors present in the home.  It cannot always be stopped at home, but it can be stopped in the schools. It is not the job of the educator to play psychiatrist or social worker.

Those who are in those fields can do their jobs off the campus unless there is an emergency.  When these children come to school and start bullying, it is those two experts that should be assessing if this is some type of behavior stemming from past bullying or abuse in the home (or both) and then act  without waiting to REACT.  Reactionary responses are a huge problem and this society we must now become proactive. Proactive will mean less school shootings and acts of terror. Reactive means nobody will do jack until it’s over and no laws they try to pass will change this.

As for the victim, the schools should protect the victim–not recommend resilience training. This type of “counseling” which I consider to be quackery, is designed to have the victim change something about himself/herself if being bullied to make them “bully proof” when in many cases the bullying gets worse and worse. Many victims commit suicide.  This type of counseling implies that the victim is to blame for his/her own circumstance. Well now you know why I say it is pure quackery. Some things cannot be changed, and even if they could be.  and the student tries to, those bullies will find something else to attack over. I went through it. I know and many others who have faced school bullies know this to be true also.

Now I will get to what needs to be done to turn this around. It is going to be a long and tedious process.  But first, you need to know a few things.  First:

No child is safe in public school. I repeat:  NO CHILD IS SAFE IN PUBLIC SCHOOL! NO, NOT ONE!!! 

Part of the problem stems from a lack of parental involvement.  Most of the time parents let the “school deal with it” until little Johnny or Jenny gets hauled into the office for hitting, biting, shoving or even threatening a student.  Before I go any further, I will say this:  It should NEVER be left  up to the school district to decide whether or not to press charges against anyone on their campus who breaks the laws of the land, whether it be a student, teacher, etc…It should be AUTOMATICALLY prosecuted ESPECIALLY  if the victim and/or his parents wish for this to be done. Anything else is laziness or politics and if it is politics, CHANGE YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT! 

As far as I am concerned, an administrator who fails to ensure this takes place is aiding and abetting a criminal or a criminal in the making. This decision should never be in the hands of the school administrators. If it is the law, it needs to be enforced on or off campus! I, for one, am really tired of administrators sweeping aggravated assaults and attempted sexual assaults aside as “bullying”. The good ‘ol boy system has to end. I am also sick of police departments saying it is the school’s decision as to whether or not to press charges since it happened on their property. Well it may have happened on the land they own, but they do not own our children.  Let me scream this:  THEY DO NOT OWN OUR CHILDREN! THEY DO NOT OWN OUR GRANDCHILDREN EITHER! As far as I am concerned as a taxpayer, WE own the land. WE sign their paychecks. It is time to let them know this once and for all.

I will repeat it one more time, and add the reason WHY parents must act:  Children are not the property of the schools, therefore the schools should not be deciding the disposition of such cases. It may happen on THEIR property, but  YOUR child is NOT their property. They are not qualified to address the legality of such matters and should never try to do so.  Again, this is a decision that must bet taken FROM them either by  using their common sense OR having this written into the law codes in order to remind them.

Now I am going to get to Step 1 of the Plan to Stop School Bullying.  It is this:


Yes…You read that correctly. It is not as easy as it sounds, especially in bigger cities, but it can be done in smaller communities.  Those numbers do add up in elections.  I know what people are thinking at this point. “Why on Earth is she saying THIS?”

Here is the answer:  One cannot build a house without a foundation being laid.  The foundation being laid correctly depends upon how the blueprints are drawn up.

In other words, by taking back school district boards and your local government, you will be laying the foundation for your own children’s future.  Sitting back idly by and letting the “politicians handle this” is no longer an option. They are NOT going to fix this. If anything they will make it even worse. Their blueprints for doing this, for lack of a better term will “suck” if they draw up the plans–and it is already being proven with some of the policies they already have.

If as a parent, you are not happy with what is being taught to your children, how discipline issues are handled, how crimes are handled on campuses and such–then you have a duty to step up to the plate to protect your children and your grand-children (and beyond).

That is step 1.  Now I will go back and clarify why this must take place and it begins with one man: John Dewey…You see, to understand where this is going to go, you need to understand where the current system stemmed from.  Here is your link to get an idea of why I am mentioning him:

This man is the father of American Public Education.  He also espoused pragmatism as his own philosophy.  Pragmatism is simply put (but wiki has a longer, more technical definition if you want that) as follows:  It is the belief that all knowledge is only as valuable as its practical use in everyday life–and the success in using/applying  that knowledge.  Think about this:  Unless one is going to be an artist or scholar and travel the world, and decides instead that he/she wants to be a  plumber, why on EARTH should he/she be forced to take French in high school? Go figure.

Now you see where part of the problem is. Schools do not even follow this model.  They force all children to learn as if they are ALL going to college. They won’t.  Many drop out. Many become problem children.  Schools need to have more trade programs so that those who are interested in  such things can use those avenues.  It is sad that this doesn’t get offered in high schools as a requirement, but it does get offered in a lot of correctional facilities.  Did you ever wonder why there? Now you know. Prisons end up having to try to  correct the errors in public education.

This is one of the main reasons that parents, should educate themselves about these things and take the schools back.  Then they can start to fix the damage done to this country for the past 40 years.

Now hold on…Some will say putting in trade programs is a racist thing…How so?  If one assumes that no child wants to learn how to make himself/herself an honest living so they must be forced to sit through physics class, then the person who is doing this is the person who is truly being racist because then that indicates that he/she is deliberately setting up children whether they be white, black, Hispanic or Asian to fail.

By doing so they are contributing to the negative climate fostered in public education.  It leads to students losing interest, and then loss of control.  It is time to change it.

Part 2:   Discipline and the Fair Administration of It

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