Elliot Rodger…All That’s Left is “Why”?

This is another one of my short rants. We’ve got a director blaming the NRA for the deaths of innocent people. Evidently he doesn’t know squat. Elliot Rodger was mentally ill. He needed help. His parents tried to get him that help. Had the Santa Monica Police Department seen the warning signs of trouble in his videos, MAYBE they could have gotten him committed to a psychiatric facility for at least 45 days. Had they done that, 8 people might be alive today. THAT is the bottom line of it. In my opinion, mental illness doesn’t excuse an action or make it right, but it does help explain the “why” of it to a degree.

Now I want to know what also figures into this “why”? Was this guy bullied all his life or something? THAT is the vibe I got off of watching some of the videos. He doesn’t really come out and say it, though. The reason I say this is that a lot of shooters seemed to have experienced school bullying. THIS is one thing I personally would like for the public to know. Hopefully one day all the families, including Rodger’s, will have the answer to that “Why?”

However the political “blame game” is not going to cut it this time. People need to quit using others’ tragedy to earn brownie points or to get people to take a look at their work and that is what the director that made the NRA comment is doing. That’s right. I’m calling him out.  He’s using a colleague’s tragedy to make a name for himself. They don’t need to use it to further politics either. People are sick of that tactic already, and before anyone starts complaining and moaning, I don’t own a gun myself. I never have. I probably never will because I don’t need one. However, I do support the right of law-abiding citizens to own one.


4 comments on “Elliot Rodger…All That’s Left is “Why”?

    • I have my own reasons for not owning a gun. However I can and do know how to use the shotgun, the AR-15 and quite a few pistols. It has nothing to do with cowardice. I choose not to live in fear of what might happen in weighing risks of my grandson getting around a gun. Simply put as long as young children are around, I refuse to have one in my house. I also have other means by which I protect myself, given my former line of work, that a person with a gun will not be able to handle, if it comes down to it. Besides that, my family members have enough firearms for all of us. That was a good article though.

  1. “It has nothing to do with cowardice.”

    If it came across that I was implying cowardice that was not what I intended to say or imply. I do know a number of women who are extremely prejudiced against firearms or afraid of them for whatever reason, but you did not come across that way, or at least how read it.

    I sometimes have younger people in my house also, though not as many as in the past. My children are growing up and going on their own ways. But I _do_ have several gun safes in the house which I use, one large one mostly for long guns, and a very small one for a handgun. I also have a concealed carry license in Texas.

    “I also have other means by which I protect myself…”

    Please understand I am not trying to argue with you or change your mind at this point. You are an adult and have every right to choose what you do based on your best knowledge and preferences. And you said some very intelligent things in your post which may have attracted me in the first place to respond.

    But here is my thought on what you said above. From everything I have read and studied over many years in the vast majority of cases when people have a firearm and need to use it to deter a criminal or violent person the gun does not get fired. Almost always the bad guy decides to go somewhere else.

    I have no idea on your training, but just for the point of illustration, let’s assume you are highly skilled in hand to hand combat of some sort. You may be successful in your defense but the chances are you will have to _use_ those skills. A bad guy is probably not going to be intimidated by what he sees I would imagine? He probably will be unlikely to believe you are seriously dangerous until you have to prove it to him?

    Maybe I am wrong and mean something entirely different.

    I do know from personal experience that bad guys will often run off in a hurry when they find out you have a means to inflict deadly force. I have yet to meet one who did not cease and desist at that point.

    My personal goal in life is to not have to use a gun in self defense. I have seen enough death in over 60 years and one war to have no desire to take the life of another human being unless they refuse to give me any other option. I read Gavin de Becker’s book “The Gift of Fear” for the express purpose of learning strategies to avoid a last ditch need to use deadly force.

    Anyway, thank you for allowing me to ramble on. Hope you have a good Memorial Day. A good time to remember those who have served, and for me to think of my son serving in the Marines, and those I knew in a war now receding into memory for most.



    • Oh I didn’t think you were implying cowardice. Sorry if you felt that way. Just making it clear to others. I hope you have a great Memorial Day yourself. One good thing about my life is that where I live, even my landlord has a gun and if he catches people prowling around here, he has a habit of running them off with it.

      Another reason I don’t fear people with guns, knives or anything else (and that could be foolish on my part despite my training) is that I had a crazy stepmother who liked to point her .22 at my head and threaten me from the time I had just turned 11.

      When one grows up in an abnormal household, everything seems “normal” until you get around normal people and realize what might have happened. In my case I realized she could have killed us all because she was mentally ill. I never told my dad about it because we all feared he’d believe her because that is what she pounded into us when he was gone at work.

      Somehow my mother found out. She laid down the law and told my stepmother (via my aunt) that if she laid one more hand on me or my brother, she’d kill her herself. I didn’t know this until after my stepmother had killed herself already, but my aunt told me this afterward because I wondered why she stopped hitting on us and such when I was 14.

      Anyway, I guess my lack of fear is a reaction to the way she treated me. I remember her threatening me once in the car at night with it and I told her to go ahead and do it if she was going to do so, because I was sick and tired of listening to her bull. She made me get out of the car at my older brother’s house and sped off. I stayed there for 3 nights.

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