Some Days I Want to See Them All Fired!

Am I talking about the government? No. Not per se, although I have days where I think we should do as the Italians did some years back and make a complete overhaul…

The people of this country of suffer because both sides play the people against one another just like one parent pits children against the other parent in a divorce. It’s pathetic, disgusting and needs to stop!

First, there is Donald Trump who is wanting to register every Muslim which is no different than the mayor of Houston wanting every preacher to register their sermons with her. We got these nuts in both parties and it’s time to address it. We need to stop letting them divide us against each other.

More importantly they need to read the constitution. Both parties seem to be very illiterate when it comes to that document. One of the leaders in Congress thinks it’s 400 years old. Maybe they should all have to pass a literacy test in order to be in politics. At least then they can prove that they’re able to do the job…

One can’t lead the nation without knowing the history of it. And I see a huge lack of knowledge among today’s politicians, and it’s not just limited to one party. The problem lies in  both major parties…

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