Living With Anemia…

I have a new partner…No…It’s not Death. It is, in some ways worse depending on how may day begins and/or ends.  Let me explain to you what this is like to ME.  This is my perception of having to deal with this illness. It’s name is “Anemia“. My body is not making enough red blood cells and keeps losing blood, yet doctors have yet to figure out where my body has sprung a leak from.

Here is my typical day.

Wake up tired.  Go to bed exhausted.

Light headed at times, feeling good at other times.

Cold and I mean WEARING A JACKET when it’s hot to YOU!

Loss of appetite…I have to make myself eat, folks.

Can’t do my NORMAL job because of stress it can place on my heart.

The mountain upon which I love to take my walks and be among nature when I am in town seems more like a labor to dread than an adventure as of late.

Maintaining focus without almost falling to sleep standing…Believe me, it happens. Some people think I am just narcoleptic or very light headed–and I often get light headed prior to this…

When I have to go outside in 110 degree heat to get warm because the AC makes me freeze–it’s not a good day.

Know that opening on “Tales of the Crypt” where the green trees turn to a view of the negative? Sometimes I see things get that way but only brighter. Weird…

Drive a few miles then pull off to doze. NOT NORMAL but it’s part of this disorder.

Oh–PICA…Yeah…My form is eating ice and irritating others while doing it.

And this is how my new life began with this bitch of a partner…

I bruise easier than a friggin’ banana right now too…

Hopefully you will  never have to know what sleeping with this enemy is like…Well, let’s attribute a parody to it…

Sung to the tune of “Living in America” (originally by James Brown)

“…White cells are in overload

Can’t seem to shake the feelin’

that it’s gettin’ cold.

Every needle makes me cringe

If I felt any better I’d be on a chocolate binge


Living with Anemia!

Got to have a 2 pint transfusion…

Living with Anemia!

and none of this is an illusion!..”

Look. I must have some humor about all of  this crap. If I can’t make people laugh a little, then I”m miserable as hell.  In the meantime, we can all continue to educate ourselves as to how to best manage this illness. Right now I am on light duty. Can’t do anything…LITERALLY. My Hg is at 7….

Thanks for reading and if you want to share your own experience feel free. I recently had a rather traumatic one. Here…Catch you all later…


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