This is my dad! He served in Korea and in Viet Nam! He loved our country and saluted our flag!

This is my family page, and I could think of no better way to kick it off than with showing off my dad!  As tough as things could get, I have to salute him for the simple fact that a man who can try to raise me as a single father deserved a congressional medal of honor! As I said, things weren’t always easy, but he did try.  One day I’ll share stories of stuff that we all pulled, but for now, I just want to pay him a tribute.   He died in February 1995.  It is difficult to believe that it has been 16 years that he’s been gone from my life, but I can see him in the eyes of my children–especially my son Eric.  Eric has those same sad eyes and some of his expressions.  He even plays jokes like Dad could do. 
I could  go to Viet Nam one day before long.  I wonder if it will be here:
It is almost surreal to me that a place once filled with violence and bloodshed should seem to be so tranquil. I wonder what Dad would think if I did go over there?

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