The Power of One…

One is not a lonely number, despite what the song says.   It can stand alone and be strong. It can be the first beat of many in a song and turn one voice into a throng.  There is a special power in that number at times…

One woman challenged a bus driver who told her to move from her seat to make room for a white passenger  in Montgomery, AL  on 12/1/55.  This led to the  “Montgomery Bus Boycott“.  Her name was Rosa Parks.

A lady who simply took photographs captured images on celluloid that not only brought the pain and suffering of the depression of the 1920’s to the forefront, those images caused leaders to look for solutions to end the problem. Her name was Dorthea Lange.  This is the photograph that she is most famous for:

Joan Ganz Cooney brought education of young children into every home that  had a television set!  She is the founder of the Children’s Television Workshop–and it has forever changed the lives of many children. I mean, who has not watched SESAME STREET?! C’mon!

Helen Keller became the first deaf-blind person to earn a college degree–and she changed how people perceived the disabled by showing that even they can accomplish much.

Gertrude Belle Elion is a name many of you have never heard of.  She developed two drugs that have helped people fight leukemia and in 1955 developed an immunosuppressant agent that made organ transplantation possible…Many lives have been saved due to her discoveries.

There are many others…They are all an inspiration…While these are significant events these women shaped, some events are not so significant–yet they do matter. Sometimes the simplest thing can lead to a chain reaction of thoughts and when acted upon–yes they do become things.

I was a sergeant in a correctional facility. I went into the profession with the full intent of doing well and making a positive difference.  However, as I began to promote,  I began to sink into a deep depression and was becoming very reclusive again.  I was also struggling with whether I wanted to work around people I once looked up to.  I began to go through some really deep thinking processes.  I began to analyze my life.

Many of them were not following ethics.  It is never the job of a corrections officer to punish offenders twice just for being there, but this happens. As I clamped down on some things, I realized that those above me were playing games and talking out of both sides of their mouths.  Then I read THIS short post:

After reading this, I asked my self, do I want to BE like these people that gave me this position? I knew I did not want to play their games anymore.  Now Lauren Vasil doesn’t describe karma the way I have learned to view it.  She describes it as a “domino type effect”.  I prefer to think of it more as when someone does something that is kind and right, it goes forth into the universe like the ripples go out when a pebble is thrown into the water.  Better yet, I like to think of it as traveling with the wind to inspire someone else somewhere in the world to also do something that is kind for someone else. I can relate to that more than dominoes because I spend a lot of time on a mountain–where I do much of my reflecting.

I began to sit down and analyze my life.  I asked myself ONE question.  How do I WANT to be remembered?  I ask myself this more with a grandson coming into the picture…There are three things I strive to be…Kind, patient and honest.  Those three traits run contrary to my former profession.  I did not like the creature I felt that I could become.  At least now I can look in the mirror and like the person looking back at me.  Now that being said, if this inspires someone who is in a similar rut that I was in to change their life drastically–I can promise you this.  I sleep a lot better at night since I took that cut in pay and left the corrections field.

The benefits were not worth the bull crap.  Life is good now.  I am truly blessed. Have a great weekend…