Veteran’s Day Thoughts

Kenneth B. O'Neill USAF Msgt. (Ret-1972) 1929-1995

My father entered the US Army Air Corps at the age of 17–having lied about his age to get in (according to what he told me).  He, like my son Brian, had no idea what awaited him.  Like his grandson, he saw combat, had some of his friends die (at times in front of him) and missed many holidays, birthdays and anniversaries with this family as he did two tours in Viet Nam and one in Korea.

Veterans Day has a special meaning for me. It is the time I take to remember all that was good and right and pay reverence to those family members of mine who served and are no longer with me.  I miss my father very much, and although Brian is with me, I miss the young man I sent off on the bus a few years ago.

Both were wounded in the line of duty like so many others before and since…Dad carried his scars and such as does Brian.

To those of you who are serving our country right now, thank you so much for your service.  For those families who have lost service member(s), my heart goes out to you all.  May all of our men and women in uniform stay safe and come back home to us!

Memorial Day 2011–For My Father…

‎”…From the breezes behind me, blowing in the memory of a not so distant past, I can hear my father’s voice at times saying, “I am here with you”. And on this day, that is all that matters, for I remember him and his goodness, rather than for his mistakes–like I think many daughters before me have so done. Therein lies the unbreakable bond and true love with no condition for blood is always thicker than any substance–or the divide of time and space…”–Kadja 2011

Kenneth B. O’Neill  4-9-1929 to 2-5-1995        This is my father, who I still miss very much.