Since WHEN Does ANYONE Need to “JUSTIFY” Their Opinion?

I will  never understand why it is some of these “armchair” experts who come onto Facebook think they are entitled to have someone justify their “opinion” on something. Unless my opinion directly hinders their ability to go out and buy a product of their choice or enjoy a night on the town, then it is just rather childish for them to keep goading me for a response on such things.  I start by saying, “What’s it to you when you aren’t going to change my opinion on it?” and they keep on and on like the damned Duracell Bunny.  Look familiar?

Like the puppy that won’t let up–they keep on playing around until they give up or I block them.  Look, if one is going to be on Facebook,  then he/she needs to learn when to back off. Nobody and I mean NOBODY has to justify to anyone why they have opinions on certain issues that they do. That is life.  Be an adult about it and deal with it. If you go in there looking for a debate or a fight, then you’ve already lost on your point.

I have certain opinions on life and such. Everyone else does too.  However, I’m not going to debate anyone on those issues because WHAT led me to have those opinions is none of their bloody business.  Nobody on Facebook is going to try to sit there and (as one idiot I blocked put it) analyze my motivations and such.  I really have no motivations in the sense this guy was alluding to–and deluding himself in the process. I am an older woman and I have my own thoughts on life and how things SHOULD  be.  IF my opinion (or any poster’s opinion) is posted, it is not for the purpose of public debate.  On many issues my opinion is fixed. It won’t change and this person just could not accept that and shut up.  So yeah…I blocked him.  When they become argumentative trolls that is the best thing to do.

And it really irks me when these trolls are young enough to be my kid, too.  Some of them should have been taken to the woodshed like their parents were, and given a damned good hiding!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like spanking children but I can think of a few adults who need a hiding more than their kids EVER did!  There are examples of these all over Facebook too!

I think some of this behavior goes to an entitlement mentality.  There are people out there who feel that they have some sort of divine or universal right to question everyone and everything and try to box them into a position of having to justify themselves over the most ridiculous stuff.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t have to justify “WHY” I have a certain opinion to ANYBODY if I don’t want to. That is all there is to that.  If these types of people cannot deal with the fact that my opinion may differ from THEIRS then they have a personal problem.   In fact, to me they are just another form of bully, which I will not tolerate.

I Should Title this “How to Look STUPID on Facebook”…

This is merely a FYI post, but it needs to be put out there.  HOW many of you get unfriended when somebody’s post shows up on YOUR wall and the original poster gets PO’d that you respond?  Well here is why that happens.  The original poster, the OP-as I will  label him/her doesn’t even realize how to use Facebook properly.  He/she will post something not realizing that it goes to all of their friends walls 9 times out of 10 and then get angry over differences of opinion. Many of them make themselves look totally stupid when they attack others who respond too.

When posting there is a little drop-down arrow next to the blue “post” button.  It says “public”, “friends”, “friends except acquaintances, etc…That is how one makes sure the post reaches the intended recipients–otherwise it goes public and people assume the topic is up for debate.  Once in a while when one responds, one might  get responses like: “Don’t come to my wall telling me how to…” blah blah blah…You get it.  If you know someone who is doing this, please share this blog entry. It might keep that person from looking like a total moron.  If a post from someone else shows up on YOUR wall, then it IS public and up for discussion.  If they didn’t want it that way, they should have paid attention to that feature.

Another good idea is putting friends in certain categories such as “co-workers”, family, acquaintances, etc…when adding them. That way one can target only to those people they want to share thoughts with.

Many times these posts tend to be political as well.  I’ve had to tell people to knock off their attacks at each other on my wall more than once and then I shared this info.  I see a lot less BS on my wall now as a result, so if you’re having to endure this crap, feel free to share the link to this blog entry.

Above all, don’t fret if you get unfriended over such bull. People like that aren’t true friends anyway! Have  a great weekend~!

And don’t fret if you get unfriended on Facebook over a difference of opinion. If people only want people on their friends list who think like they do, before long they’ll be talking to themselves in the mirror.  They don’t tend to keep friends very long either because they are more interested in controlling others and hearing themselves talk than they are in open discourse.



The Strangest Thing About Facebook is it’s Infinite Stupidity

This could be such a short post, but it may not end up being so.  I’ll just free-type and see where the road leads…I don’t even know why I came up with this title…It’s kind of stupid because to me, Facebook itself is a “social” network that really isn’t that social. While it can be a useful tool to network with, I find it ironic that many members end up penalized for actually “networking”.

You know what I”m referring to–that phenomenon that many subscribers on Facebook call “Facebook Jail!”  That’s right. It works this way…FACEBOOK will suggest people to you that you  may or MAY NOT  know personally so that you can send friend requests to them. However, if you do that, they can suspend your account and penalize you for each time they think you make friends with someone you don’t know. Ironically there are ways around this. Make sure they email you if you are networking with each other for a few days before requesting them to be friends.  THOSE particular emails are enough to shoot down their accusations.

First off, I feel that Facebook (Are you paying attention Mr. Zuckerberg?) needs to get a life and new employees.  Many accounts are suspended in error, or people get suspended for actually making friends with FAMILY members and co-workers! I’m serious!  They also force changes upon subscribers that they detest without giving options to not use these so-called improvements, the latest of which is a feature they forced upon everyone called “timeline” which is a complete pain in the ass.

Personally, I cannot wait for a new social network to come into play to give them some competition.  When that happens, people will flock to it in droves–especially if that particular competing network respects the privacy of its clients.  Of course there are those die-hard fanatics of the Facebook status quo that say, “It’s free and you get what you pay for!” and they are absolutely right because they get nothing from it except a false sense of satisfaction from sitting behind the computer and constantly posting about crap that means absolutely NOTHING to anyone besides themselves…Yes, one can see a lot of people like that–and there are also those who are seriously using it as a tool  to market themselves, or they are trying to make the world a better place.  However, I see more trolls as of late…They simply like to read their posts,  the contents of which are equal to bovine fecal matter of the male variety. Whoever guesses what that is gets 3 brownie points in Tina‘s “Book of the Asinine”.

I would do a book of “Fear and Loathing” but Christopher Pennock does a better job of that than I ever could. I strongly urge you to check his readings on YouTube.  They are freaking hilarious.  They should get him on “Saturday Night Live!” Here’s a link to part 1:

I would like to add here that the funniest are parts 3 and 4!!!  After you listen to that, go like his fan page! He’s working again and he deserves the support.   HERE is the link for that but just so you know, most people know him as Jeb Hawkes from the original “Dark Shadows” series:   While there, you will find that he is about to work on a film called “Posey” with Sally Kirkland. Check that project out!

That being said, I am moving into a new house and taking up my Insanity workout program again.  I’ll get the body I want in 6 weeks time and only spend time on FB to do admin duties and promote those people whose work I believe in.  Most of the people I know personally, I socialize with right here in my community or via email.  IF one can’t find me there or via my cell phone–I am most likely on my mountain enjoying my fellowship with my surroundings.  Why? Because I am really tired of the crap Facebook does that I mentioned above, and Chris Pennock: I hope you keep giving ’em enough hell for us both!

Some Things People Do Are Totally Crazy…

Okay…This will be a very short, and very direct post.  Anyone who would falsely put out a story about a celebrity death, should be kicked off of the blog site if that is where the rumor originated.  As most know, the false story of Bon Jovi being deceased was circulating  all over Facebook and Twitter.  He later posed for a picture to prove that he is not indeed deceased.

Granted, Sir Paul McCartney had his own experience at “being deceased”.  I knew it was a hoax when the article mentioned that he was to appear at the Bamboozle Festival…There is no such event.  This is one of the shortest articles I have ever done but I sure got a lot of stuff asking if the rumor was true….