Okay…Where are you all at? There was NO Rapture so I KNOW you’re around! You’re all too Quiet!!!

Okay…The rapture did not happen Saturday so why are you all so bloody quiet? I KNOW unless you’re dead, you’re here! That also means if you’re here, then like me, you went to work today…How was YOUR Monday? Mine was straight out of the “Twilight Zone”!

IN fact, this says it ALL after my manager had to deal w/all kinds of “Close Encounters of the Weird Kind” all day long–and a few of them were close encounters of the TURD kind!!!

If NOTHING ELSE, this clip which also appears on Piper Bayard’s blog should cheer you up!


You really need to check out Bayard and Holmes blog…They totally rock!  You will learn some true History from a unique perspective, that’s for sure!

Why the “Rapture Didn’t Happen”! Straight from ebaum’s world!!!

And for those of you who gave up your worldly possessions and your jobs over this B.S.--All I can say is that it must really suck to be you tonight!

RIP–Randy Savage  November 15, 1952 – May 20, 2011

I watched this guy growing up–AND the Von Erichs before that!