What Nana Didn’t Miss During the Super Bowl Last Night…

As the woman sat watching her news updates the following report caught her attention: “Due to the lack of backup generators, the ball game streaker at the Super Bowl had absolutely no audience tonight. Sources say the blame lies with a certain Bush, but it was later revealed that the young man simply couldn’t be charged with the offense since he forgot to ditch the blue speedo before trying to run across the ball field after the half-time show. Disclaimer: The person reporting is not responsible for the lack of footage and is not responsible for the leak of the story. However it is a promise that if someone saw the guy, he/she would be grateful for the camera not being functional during that time!…” And then she woke up realizing that it would have made a cool joke for “The Onion“…

I just couldn’t resist combining various status comments from Facebook into this…Have a great night! I heard I didn’t miss much!

superbowl fun

Bwhahahahaha! BTW  Have a great Monday! I must admit one thing though…What is Randy Moss thinking right now…?

I Simply DO NOT Get It…Nana’s Practical Joke!

Many of my friends who know me know that I am anything BUT a prude.  I don’t believe in changing the proper name of something to make it more appealing to the subjugated masses of America.  That being said I am putting something on my blog never done to the best of my knowledge. I am putting a pair of TIT pictures on here. That is right! A Pair of Tits!  To make it easier–two pictures of two kinds of tits!  Now anyone can use my link for a practical joke and say, “For a nice looking pair of tits–check this link!”   That will teach those with a dirty mind to come here, won’t it? At least I am good for a laugh or two…

Here are the blue tits!

I think it is the part of the responsibility of EVERY writer to elicit laughter from the audience once in a while… ***Grins sheepishly here***! If you were sent here by a friend and cannot take a joke, then I’ll say to you in my best TEXSPEAREAN manner: “Don’t blame me so harshly for I didn’t name the critters! However if it should offend ‘ye then ’tis you that hath a burr in yer craw! And jus’ so ye know, them Brits have two species: Great Tits and Blue Tits and notwithstanding my dig forthwith ‘ye know I believe they love those tits!”

Well you can’t blame me! After all, I didn’t name ’em did I?