One Really Bad, Horrible, Pain in the Neck MORNING!!!

Yesterday I woke up, went to the bathroom and went to wash my face…NO hot water.  It’s 38 degrees outside so guess what that means…AFTER I cleaned the yard and patio from trash blowing in, I had two hours to get to work (a 40 commute) so I ate breakfast and prepared  snacks to take with me  because I am hypoglycemic.  If I don’t eat when I should, I can get violently ill from that too.  I then would have been sobered up quickly had I been a drinking person the night before, for the simple fact that I had to wash my hair and face in very FRIGID water…I was not happy.  I went to work.

5 p.m. rolls around and my 25-year-old son calls…

“Mom there isn’t any hot water and the plumbers aren’t working on the other apartments right now.”

I replied, “Son…Call our landlady.”

“I don’t want to bother her this late.” he said.

“Let me phrase it this way,” I said now HIGHLY annoyed because I wanted to take a hot shower after all the work and then the work on the job, “It is only 5 p.m.  If I don’t have hot water by the time I get home tonight, you do not want me to make that phone call because if the plumbers are gone, there is no reason for only the hot water to be NOT working.”

“Okay Mom.” he said.  Then we said goodbye and hung up.

Work was rough enough today, but when I got off of that phone, I wasn’t sure whether he’d actually call.

I got home, and didn’t say much.  Turned on the shower…

“OH MY GOD!,” I said, “It’s a miracle! We have hot water! See ya!”

I then did the “Snoopy Dance” because I was jubilant!

The boys were laughing.  I promise I stayed in that bloody shower for at least an HOUR!!!

I also found out that my son didn’t make the call. Other neighbors raised heck when the plumbers had been gone for a bit and there was no hot water on this side of the complex. Oh well it doesn’t matter…Once I went to bed and curled up with a good book, I was very much at peace with the rest of the day!  Well anyway, I just wanted to share that…Have a great week!