An New Way to Get those ABS OLD SCHOOL Style! GET YOUR HOOP ON BABY!

Not the cake! The hula hoop!

Are you tired of spending countless bucks on ab workouts that do not work? Well this is for you! Do you hate going to the gym?  Do you hate going to dance classes and getting in trouble for other people?  Well, if you have just a few bucks, you can walk into any Wal~Mart store and invest in a hula hoop!  That is right!  That simple invention will work your abs AND your hips, that’s for sure.  It may have seemed to be easy to do as a child, but try doing it today and you’ll definitely feel it, folks!

I really do think that this craze will make a comeback–especially among the youth! Why?  If these guys are doing it, you can bet others will start getting back into the craze again!  I also suggest investing in a GOOD jump rope.  All those little things we did as kids to keep out of our parents’ hair actually had great physical benefits!  We  definitely got our cardio, that’s for sure!  This is great for a fun activity,  but for more serious working out–other options are much more logical…

Even this crowd is doing it!

Now if you would like something that is much more adult oriented–as in a real workout program with great benefits, then please email me @!   I can definitely hook you up with anything from Hip Hop Abs to my personal favorites–Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift!  P90X is a favorite that a lot of people like to get, but if you need something less intense, I would suggest Chalean Extreme or (if you prefer more cardio) Turbo Jam or Turbo Fire.  If you want a faith-based program, I suggest Body Gospel.  You can also check out my page on the links section  in my profile and get those programs there!  It’s under “my BB page”.  I also have a bio there showing my results.

I lost 30 lbs. in 40 days using the Insanity program so I have some bragging rights! Brazil Butt lift is good too–once you stop laughing at yourself! Check it out and you will  know what I am talking about!