Spammers Tick Me Off…If They Tick You Off, Feel Free to Use This!

If you have difficulty finding this blog on Google and you are spamming, you either need glasses and/or I am blocking you. Sorry folks…I had to put it out there because I’ve got too many people trying to spam this blog as of late! Fellow writers, feel free to use this to vent anytime you like on them too!

Most of us know you are simply trying to get us to visit your sites to set us up with spyware, malware, viruses and/or various crap you want us to buy from you. However, I for one, AM NOT interested. Therefore, you do not need to respond to this post! Thank you.

2 comments on “Spammers Tick Me Off…If They Tick You Off, Feel Free to Use This!

    • When they send comments for you to approve, they are trying to link back to a website most of the time. It goes into your comments that are waiting to be approved. They’ll say things in different languages with a link and some will say, “I find it difficult to find your blog on Google.” or something to that effect. WP is really good about catching most of them.

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